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Chopin Concerts Warsaw Łazienki
Professor Hideo Saito, the professor of Seiji Ozawa who established the famous Saito Memorial Orchestra and named it after his master, commented on Rinko Kobayashi's performance when he heard her playing Concerto in A major by Liszt "She will become one of the few soloists who can lead orchestras with her charisma". Jan Weber wrote in Ruch Muzyczny "... She is a genuine pianist with outstanding skill ... playing Rachmaninov with demonlike fervour, releasing a veritable storm over the keyboard, all the while in perfect agreement with the composers intentions..." I had been unable to work out the complexity of the Sonata even while listening to pianists such as Ogdon, Cliburn or Horovitz. Rinko Kobayashi showed a superb grasp of the Sonata, revealing an absolute command of the piano.
CHOPIN Nocturnes 1. Nokturn b-mool ... 2. Nocturn Es-dur 3. Nocturn H-dur 4. Nocturn F-dur